We believe in the better way of doing things.
Discover an IoT technology platform that empowers you to make fast, informed decisions about the people, assets, and conditions in your workplace.
Our Patented Technology
We deploy enterprise IoT gateways and sensors powered by Bluetooth 5 and Ubuntu Core to collect actionable data and improve the speed and accuracy of key operations for organizations of all types.
Secure, reliable, and lasting solutions for physical spaces and the people within them.
Automated Time & Attendance
Eliminate a tedious process for employees while increasing accountability and productivity.
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Asset Management
Track in real time where assets are and how they’re performing in a fast-paced environment.
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Building Automation
Get real-time and historical data on temperature, humidity, security, and equipment conditions.
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We offer easy-to-deploy solutions that disrupt the traditional ways businesses and organizations across all industries operate and make decisions.
Track equipment and personnel and ensure jobsite safety for all those on site.
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Adjust workflow, monitor equipment, and improve responsiveness to changing patient needs.
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Expedite processes, ensure that standards are met, and improve workflow in your space.
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Track attendance, optimize learning spaces, and improve the flow of people and assets in your building.
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Safeguard time tracking, get real-time occupancy and auditing data, and enhance approval workflow.
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