Use Cases
Automated Time & Attendance

We put the power back in the hands of employers while removing a cumbersome and ineffective process for employees.

Why IoT for Worksite Safety & Contact Tracing?

Manual entry is tedious and prone to human error. Crowdkeep is transforming this outdated and ineffective industry to improve the speed, accuracy, and safety of key operations in any business.

Through Mesh-enabled technology and a patented data collection system, we offer an easy-to-deploy Worksite Safety & Contact Tracing solution where employers can track employee performance and safety on a jobsite in a way that is neither invasive nor time-consuming and leads to accurate and actionable data.

How does it work?

Deploy a flexible, trustworthy attendance collection process to streamline productivity.
  • Set up IoT gateways, anchors and sensors on your jobsite with zero configuration.
  • Employees receive Smart ID badges.
  • Sensors automatically record when employees arrive, when they leave, and where they are throughout the day.
  • Analyze accurate data about your site in real time.
  • Easily integrate with payroll, accounting, invoicing, and other systems.