Select the Best Policy for your Team


Small teams

For small businesses without an accountability and attendance problem. Collect employee's hours without worrying about the time of day work was performed.


Medium to large teams

For medium to high growth companies with increased accountability and work performance that is subject to audits. Collect employee time of day of when work was performed.

Very Strict

High security facilities

For government contractors, high security facilities, and companies where attendance is very important. Automate time collection with Bluetooth Smart (BLE) iBeacon / Eddystone wearables for time tracking.

Send Employee Hours and Time Anywhere

Create reports, integrate with accounting, archive for records. Project managers can easily collect employee time and hours that can be integrated with virtually any accounting system. Crowdkeep was built from the ground up to support legacy technology and new.

Timesheet softare

Streamline Operations and Team Workflows

Set policies and define the order of which managers, and executives approve hours for payroll, invoices, compliance, or integration with another technology. Empower managers to enhance operations, complete audits faster, and get notified of problems before they occur.

Secure Data Facilities

Crowdkeep uses the same technology as banks to secure communication and encrypt data. Crowdkeep employees do not have access to any of your data.

Crowdkeep data is consistently backed up in multiple secure locations across the nation, throughout the day. We ensure high availability and keep your data safe against any major disaster or cyber security threat.

At all of our datacenters, we apply tight physical security policies that restrict access to only authorized employees. Security cameras, motion detectors, and alerting systems are in place to provide our teams insight on our datacenters at all times.

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