Become DCAA Compliant with Crowdkeep in no time

Deploy a time tracking solution that you can trust

Employees carry Crowdkeep ID badges and keychains that broadcast a Bluetooth Low Energy signal indicating they are present in designated areas. Crowdkeep captures all of the data and provides a powerful set of features and reporting such as real time occupancy, alerting, and auditing to ensure your organization’s operations are running at optimal performance

  • Create a DCAA Audit floor check at any time
  • View an DCAA compliance audit trail of all your data
  • Enforce policies to match your internal approval workflow and comply with DCAA
  • Easily collect accurate time from your team
  • View real-time attendance and facility occupancy
  • Get real-time notifications when people don’t arrive to work

Explore More Features

Get all the features you need with all the features you want.

  • Easy Time Collection

    Easy Time Collection

    Collect your team's time-in, time-out and total hours across multiple platforms: iOS, Android, web, tablets, and more.

  • Approvals

    Approval Workflows

    Allow project managers to review, approve, and deny timesheets with real-time notifications.

  • Compliance

    DCAA Compliance

    Comply with Defense Contracting Audit Agency regulations. Crowdkeep tracks every change in data and provides assistance with audits.

  • Compliance

    DOL and FLSA Compliance

    Comply with DOL (United States Department of Labor) and FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act) rules and regulations.