Crowdkeep sits down with BuiltWorlds

by Michael Frye on 05 May 2015

BuiltWorlds provides the latest news and opinions from the thought leaders in the construction industry. Just back from debuting Crowdkeep Analytics at World of Concrete, Derek Nickerson sat down with Todd Stolarski to discuss what’s coming up next for Crowdkeep and the Pixar movie, Up.

Crowdkeep uses various new algorithms to give managers an unparalleled 360-degree perspective from identifying workplace injuries in real time and alerting management to identifying fraudulent activity by looking at behavior patterns over time, and even using of machine learning to improve its own detection systems. As BuiltWorlds puts it: “Crowdkeep doesn’t want your employees to work harder. It wants them to work smarter.”

All members of the Crowdkeep team have had frustrating experiences the ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems currently available. As Derek put it, “For decades, ERP platforms have been hideous and hard to use, draining valuable time from employees using them. Crowdkeep co-founders Jad Boustany and Michael Frye built have previously worked to build custom ERP systems for government contractors and private institutions. “Seeing an opportunity to finally change ERP systems for the better, [they] decided to create something much bigger that all industries could use.”

So how to do that? “The time tracking and workforce management software market is a very crowded space,” Derek pointed out. “the Crowdkeep team is out to differentiate itself by offering our line of Crowdkeep geofence servers and employee Bluetooth smart wearables. They allow a company of any size to fully automate time tracking. Crowdkeep has partnered with Apple, as part of the iBeacon MiFi program, to be the first hands-free time collection system. Time tracking is just the beginning. We collect a lot of data!”

Derek also told Todd, about a variety of new projects that we have in the pipeline: “For a mobile approach, six brand new mobile apps (iOS and Android) are launching early summer for Crowdkeep Time, Crowdkeep Expense, and Crowdkeep Core, an administrative feature allowing managers to approve time and expense, in addition to assigning and switching cost codes on the go (…) We will be launching a free developer program in Summer 2015 that will provide an API allowing companies to have the freedom to create their own apps with all the data that we collect. And we will never charge for API access!”

In the long term, we are aiming even higher: “Crowdkeep is also a data company in the SaaS business model, it expects is to become a major player in the enterprise Internet of Things (IoT), Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and the Bluetooth Smart wearable marketplace. This industry is poised to grow faster than the mobile market. Crowdkeep has already begun offering solutions in multiple industries such as education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, exhibitions, and even live entertainment.”

Finally, Todd asked the question to which everyone wanted an answer: “Up is a unique and inspiring film. I can see why you asked about the first 15 minutes, though. Carl Fredricksen (the old man) waited his whole life sitting on a dream. Then, to see him hit a tipping point, become determined, and watch the great lengths he goes to to get started – lifting his house off the ground with hundreds of balloons – put me in awe! His courage tells me that no dream will ever get too old, and the only way to ever know the truth is to go after it.”